About Us

After taking a look at trends in shoes, we noticed important features of comfort, safety and beauty are never packaged in one shoes, this forces people to own varieties of shoes for various occasions. We decided to change all this by introducing All-in-one shoes that combines beauty, safety, comfort and class in each pair of shoes.

Our exclusive designs are tested to the highest levels to meet our customers requirements. They are built to last and function in a number of different environments in order to protect our customers feet against hazards of this world – If feet could speak, the answer to our well designed shoed would be a big YES

Our Mission

Here at toughestshoes.com, our mission is to provide the most comfortable, stylish, and safe shoes that is built to last for decades. We take short cuts with quality of materials we use on our designs. Our shoes are made from extremely durable and lightweight material to

ensure that our footwear solutions are strong, safe, and last for years saving you a lot of money on recurrent shoes purchase


Our Research and Development Department work very hard on new designs, styles, and footwear solutions that can help in protecting and providing un-rivalled comfort to our customers